I am fabricating Bottom gate Thin-film-Transistors.

The Gate is 60nm Molibdenum. The dielectric structure changes with the table below. The temperature represent the annealing temperature after having deposited the IGZO semiconductor.

sample  Structure temperature
1       SiTa      300
2       SiTa      180
3       SiTaSi    300
4       SiTaSi    180
5       TaSi      300
6       TaSi      180

after heating the samples, I am getting these bubble-like formation on the gate structure.

what could be causing this issue? Prebake SiTa-300

prebake Postbake SiTa-300 Postbake

Prebake SiTa-180 Prebake Postbake SiTa-180 Postbake

prebake SiTaSi-300 prebake postbake SiTaSi-300 Postbake

Prebake SiTaSi-180 Prebake Postbake SiTaSi-180 Posbake


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