I am really confused about the relation of this 4 entities.

I know that the dislocation line is perpendicular to the burgers vector in an edge dislocation and parallel to the b vector in a screw dislocation. I know that for a dislocation to slip, both b vector and dislocation line must be on the slip plane.

  1. How do I know if a burgers vector [ijk] is contained on a certain plane (hkl)? Would this be the slip plane?

  2. Knowing the slip plane (hkl), the burgers vector [ijk] and the character of the dislocation (edge or screw) how do I find the direction of the dislocation [ijk]?

  3. Knowing the slip plane (hkl) and the burgers vector [ijk], is it possible to find if the dislocation is an edge dislocation or a screw dislocation? How?

  4. How do the dislocation line relates to all this?

I am really trying to find the answer between them but I can't. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful. This is the exercise that created all this doubts "Find the miller index of an edge dislocation with b=a/2[0 -1 1] and that is on the plane (111)." What would be the miller index of a dislocation?



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