So there is a heat exchanger fan in a very airtight house.

Would the fan consume less electricity, if it would blow out the used air not via the side of the house, rather via an unused chimney, which is about 2,5m higher than the original side of the house?

Since the atmospheric pressure would differ, maybe it would be easier for the fan to move the air.

The question: how much air would flow through via a chimney if it is 2,5m upper than the side of the house without the fan? (just to know, how much m3/hour we are talking about)

Chimney is about 13 cm in diameter and 2,5m high. We are living on 118m elevation. Inside temperature is 23C, outdor is example: 23C or 0C


  • $\begingroup$ unused chimney in a very airtight house? $\endgroup$ – Solar Mike Feb 22 at 7:12

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