I have three phase induction motor:

  • $U=6\text{ kV}$
  • $P=630\text{ kW}$
  • $f_1=50\text{ Hz}$
  • speed of rotor $n=1410\text{ rpm}$

Maximum moment is reached when $n=1120\text{ rpm}$. Now voltage and frequency change to $U=2\text{ kV}$, $f_2=42\text{ Hz}$. I need to calculate the power of the motor for this voltage if the rotational speed is $n=1200\text{ rpm}$.

Stator parameters, impedance of the parallel branch and losses caused by friction are all 0.

Can you please help me with this problem? I tried to solve it but my values of rotor resistance and reactance are $R=2\ \Omega$ and $X=12\ \Omega$. I stopped here because I think these values are too high and maybe I've done something wrong.


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