I'm trying to build this circuit for a force transducer such that the data is logged by an Arduino Uno. I have the op-amp recommended in the schematic, but I haven't been able to get stable readings from the transducer. I've attached the schematics for the force transducer and op-amp, as well a picture of my attempt.

Force Transducer



  • $\begingroup$ What reading are you getting at Vout? $\endgroup$ – Mahendra Gunawardena Jan 31 '19 at 2:12
  • $\begingroup$ Also, what reading do you expect to get at Vout? I would isolate the problem to one component (Arduino, op-amp, transducer) by replacing each one or its input/output with something known such as voltmeter (on op-amp), ohmmeter (on transducer) or known voltage input (on Arduino, op-amp). $\endgroup$ – user1318499 Feb 4 '19 at 22:19

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