I understand that for magnetic lines of the rotating magnetic field to cut the windings of the rotor (and induce current), the field has to rotate at a slightly higher rate than the rotor. But if we assume the motor starts from zero RPM, at what speed does the field rotate at this moment in time? Do we have to somehow sense the rotating speed of the rotor and adjust the frequency of the 3-phase input voltage somehow? I think this is not what happens, since such a requirement seems somewhat complicated to achieve, especially given that induction motors have been around for quite a long time. So what am I missing?

  • $\begingroup$ Better on the Electrical Engineering Stack? $\endgroup$ – Solar Mike Jan 23 at 7:04
  • $\begingroup$ @Solar Mike Sometime ago I saw an electric motor question on EE stack closed as off topic because it wasn't a "question regarding electric circuits"... $\endgroup$ – S. Rotos Jan 23 at 14:04
  • $\begingroup$ not sure I would agree - usually because it is about repair or somesuch... $\endgroup$ – Solar Mike Jan 23 at 14:12
  • $\begingroup$ See this for an example : electronics.stackexchange.com/q/271333/152903 $\endgroup$ – Solar Mike Jan 23 at 14:14

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