I’m not sure if my procedure to simulate the lifting force $F_{Kab}$ is correct. So I illustrate my way how to get the lifting force $F_{Kab}$ using SolidWorks and the simulation tool.

I hope you can give me a hint how to solve my issue correctly or perhaps you can also confirm my procedure. Many thanks in advance.

My procedure:

According to VDI 2230 I have to do two variants of calculation:

  • applying the minimum assembly preload (see step of calculation R1)
    • in R0 I get $F_{Mmax}$ using the table A7
      • table A7 you can find via a google search. Enter "vdi 2230 pdf" and I think then you get a pdf and look for table A7 (see annex).
    • with $\alpha_A$ the tightening factor I get the $F_{Mmin,variant1}=F_{Mmax}/\alpha_A$ which is applied to every bolt
  • applying the maximum reduction in preloading force (see step of calculation R4)
    • here my $F_{Mmin,variant2}=F_{Mmin,variant1}-F_z$ which is also applied to every bolt
    • $F_z$ is the loss of preload as a result of embedding during operation

In the simulation all possible loads are active and are acting on the housing. The bolts are tighten in the first simulation with $F_{Mmin,variant1}$ and in the second simulation with $F_{Mmin,variant2}$.

Perform the two simulations…

To get the lifting force $F_{Kab}$ I right click the simulation results and pick “list result forces”. And now I choose “free body force”, klick the appropriate housing surface and klick the update-button. Now SolidWorks shows me the (total) lifting force $F_{Kab}$. This force divided by quantity of bolts gives me the $F_{Kab}$ per bolt which I’m interested in.

For my further calculations according to VDI 2230 I have to take the smallest $F_{Kab}$ per bolt.

  • $\begingroup$ This question seems to be missing a diagram? $\endgroup$ Dec 7 '18 at 20:56
  • $\begingroup$ @ Jonathan R Swift: Not really... I could only offer some screenshots. But therefore I have described (my) SolidWorks workflow very detailed. But when its not clear, then I will complete the SolidWorks description. And when you mean table A7 - I'm not sure if I can copy it (copyright). $\endgroup$
    – tueftla
    Dec 10 '18 at 7:29

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