I'm using the Eurocodes for some structural analysis and am looking for the limiting value of deflection of a plate. EN 1993-1-7, Section 8.2 states: For limiting values of out of plane deflection w see application standard.

I'm not sure to which application standard this is referring.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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I think it means the relevant section of EN 1993 for the specific use (application) of the plated structure. A partial table of contents of EN 1993 includes

  • Part 2: Steel Bridges
  • Part 3-1: Towers, masts and chimneys
  • Part 3-2: Towers, masts and chimneys - Chimneys
  • Part 4-1: Silos
  • Part 4-2: Tanks
  • Part 4-3: Pipelines
  • Part 5: Piling
  • Part 6: Crane supporting structures

In case anyone else is ever looking for a limiting case for deflection of plates, in relation to the Eurocodes, you can find this in:

EN 1993-4-1 Section 9.8.2 (2)

Hope this helps someone!

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