\\this is the qeustion i am facing

First, I thought the neutral axis would just be the y bar which can be obtained from the centroid of the cross-section but is different. I have tried letting the net moment at the wall = 0 and the reaction force I got is 1kn * 1m. But I am kinda lost on how to continue.

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The stress is the superposition of two stresses: tensile due to bending moment and tensile due to 200kN tension. $$ \sigma_{bending}= m/S =\frac{1kN.1m}{(50\times 100^2)/6} =6kN.1000mm/500000mm^2 =6000N/500mm^2 = 12N/mm^2$$

$$ \sigma_{tension}= 200kMN/100^2mm^2 = 20Nmm^2 $$

So maximum tension is 20 +12= 32Nmm^2 on the upper face of the beam at support. And neutral axis can be calculated by finding the slope of stress surface vertically and locating where it turns to zero.

Slope of stress surface from the bottom face to top face is

$ [(20+12) -(20-12)]/100_{mm height}= 0.24Nm\space$

and Neutral axis is at the height from the bottom face of $$\frac{8_N}{0.24} =33.33mm \space or\space\frac{H}{3} $$

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