I am a robotics student and new to aeronautics. My task for a project is to build a flying wing drone with limited wingspan (<1m), 25cm chord at wing root, total load of 2.5kg (1.5kg empty) and cruise speed of 25m/s. It is also worth noting that it is a VTOL and so it will not be subject to speeds lower than 20m/s since there will be no takeoff.

I am currently investigating how to passively (without using control surfaces) guarantee pitch stability. Since I am limited in wingspan, I am exploring a swept C-wing design (with horizontal winglets forming a C shape with the wing) instead of using washout since the twist would considerably reduce lift for such a low wingspan.

I have been searching for resources on horizontal stabilizers at wingtips but I have not found a lot (apart from "Tip Extensions , Winglets , and C-wings : Conceptual Design and Optimization" by Shangguo Ning and Ilan Kroo, and "Preliminary Investigation of a Self-trimming Non-planar Wing using Adaptive Utilities" by M. Trapani, M. Pleißner, A. T. Isikveren,K. Wieczorek).

Is there another name for such a design that would help me find more resources? Or is this design rarely used for some reason? What considerations should I be taking when designing something like this?

  • Might look into the canard design which uses a small foil forward of the lifting foil for pitch control – Donald Gibson Oct 12 at 3:53

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