I'm not sure if the upper question is clear enough to understand but here's what I've got:

I've made a model of excavator in Adams View and got trajectory of it's motion (boom, stick, bucket) using trace marker. This image shows pretty much what I've done {not mine, from Wikipedia}: what I mean

Now, my question is how I possibly can get the surface area of it's uhh.. trajectory in Adams View? Or the area that is circled in purple (dashed line) - I'm not sure what to call that.

  • $\begingroup$ Im not sure, Its been a while since i used adams for this. But it should be possible to dump the path out for a external program to do it. Area of a polygon is pretty straight forward when moving down subtract the area of slice of segment to origin if upp add. $\endgroup$ – joojaa Oct 2 '18 at 20:05

I've used a feature in Inkscape that allows one to select a polygon or series of joined paths which will return the area enclosed.

I'd had to use this feature in the recent past and had found the answer in the Graphics StackExchange.

area of polygon image 1

In the first image, I've roughly traced the path with the Bezier tool, then selected Extensions, Visualize, Measure Path. In the drop down box for Measurement Type, I selected Area. Be sure to select the item you wish to measure. Click Apply.

The program works slowly, presents (Not Responding) on a regular basis, but works!

area of polygon image 2

In this case, my units are set to millimeters. It would be necessary to have a reference scale object in order to have an accurate representation.

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