I need to know how width affects the welding seam.
I'm working with a HF welding machine and a thermograpchic camera. I'm trying to understand if it is important for the quality of the tube and the connections with the other parameters (temperature, thickness, speed...) and if this can affect the mechanical properties of the tube.

Is wider better? Why?

  • Are you talking about ERW of steel ? – blacksmith37 Sep 13 at 19:06
  • High frecuency induction welding..If im not wrong they are similar. – Ksergi7 Sep 13 at 19:14
  • Not sure what you mean; If you mean ERW welding of steel, the 10 most important quality factors do not include width of weld zone. Maybe the width of the recrystallization zone after welding. – blacksmith37 Sep 13 at 23:51

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