What type of pneumatic solenoid valves would represent the valves in the schematic?

Specifically, the lower valves could be represented by a 5 port 4 way 2 position valve. This is because there is only one port with bidirectional flow for each side.

However, I'm not sure how to realize the upper valve system since there are 2 ports with bidirectional flow. Is there a way to realize this system with multi-port valves or does the upper system need to utilize direct acting (not pilot spool) valves?

Pressure Swing Adsorption

  • $\begingroup$ why are there two valves on the upper horizontal branch? A contious line implies flow /open valve, a dashed line closed valve? Is this a swing compression oxygen concentrator? then I don't understand the role of the upper horizontal branch. $\endgroup$
    – mart
    Aug 25, 2020 at 7:03

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The valve symbols you show in your diagram are that of a simple gate valve, the symbol for the types of solenoid valves your wishing to represent are put together as such.....

enter image description here

These are just some examples....


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