Firstly, I am sorry that the title of this question isn't helpful. I have bought these motors for a project:

I assumed that the 1.7mm diameter threaded shaft would take an M1.7 nut, but it does not. Standard thread gauges haven't given me a good fit and I am thinking that this thread is probably some industry standard. The motors are designed to adjust the lenses in digital cameras, so does anyone know were I might find standards relating to this?

Alternativley, is there some list of common threads that I can just try all the 1.7mm diameter nuts to find a good fit? I have time and money but don't know where to look.


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There are some "exotic" thread sizes used for small instrument work. Note that for a specific diameter there can be more than one pitch. It is also possible that the thread is not metric.

Metric fine pitch threads

enter image description here


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