I've represented with Matlab a system with three degrees of freedom. I'm trying to plot a pole-zero map from my Frequency Response Matrix H(w) in the case of Damped-Forced :

for ii=1:length(w)
    FRF11(ii)=FRF(1,1); FRF12(ii)=FRF(1,2); FRF13(ii)=FRF(1,3); 
    FRF21(ii)=FRF(2,1); FRF22(ii)=FRF(2,2); FRF23(ii)=FRF(2,3);
    FRF31(ii)=FRF(3,1); FRF32(ii)=FRF(3,2); FRF33(ii)=FRF(3,3);

Does anybody know if it is possible do this directly with some possible solution or do I have to get values of my FRF end, then generate pole-zero maps?


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