I am trying to source the parts for a Wilson II 3D printer, and the recommended struts are made from 2020 aluminium extrusions, like so:

2020 Aluminium extrusion

However, in Bangkok, I can only find this type:

2020 Aluminium extrusion in Bangkok

Note that the profile/shape of the slot is markedly different from the image above.

Whilst looking about on the web, I have also found other types, like these:

Various types of 2020 Aluminium extrusion

Again, the profile of the slot varies considerably.

My question is whether standard full size

Full T-nut

and half size T nuts

Half T-nut

will still fit all of these different types? Or are there different T-nuts for the different types of extruded 2020 aluminium, depending on the profile/shape of the slot.

Also, why are there the different designs, does each type have an advantage for particular applications (with respect to strength, weight, etc.)?


For completeness and accuracy, the 2020 extrusion, that I obtained in Bangkok, actually has this profile:

2020 Aluminium Extrusion BKK#1

and here is a more in-focus photo, of four, in a 2 x 2 configuration:

2020 Aluminium Extrusion BKK#2

As ericnutsch states, in his answer, only regular hexagonal M5 nuts will fit.


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I don't think that any profile has any major advantage over any other. I use openbuilds v-slot on a lot of my projects (its 2020 designed for perpendicular v rollers) and all the aliexpress t-nut hardware I have bought works fine.

Worst case, you can use regular nuts with the aluminum rail you have access to; they are not as convenient but will work fine.


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