I've looked around for different types of concrete pumps and simply don't know if there are many different types, what their mechanisms are and which ones are the most predominant ones.

What I've found:

  • This video explains how a pump with an S-shaped tube operates.
  • The relevant wikipedia page explains another type, which does differ in the way how the concrete is released

An example of a concrete pump (a concrete pump)


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I've found a fairly comprehensive source. There are five main types:

  • Mechanical pumps: A piston and a rotary valve are used the push the concrete through.
  • Hydraulic pumps: Hydraulics are used to pump the concrete.
  • Schwing pumps: Two cylinders are used: One to receive concrete from the input hopper and one to release it into the output pipe. The two cylinders are connected by a flat gate valve. Apparently, Fredrich Schwing started a company to manufacture concrete pumps. Unfortunately, their website does not have much information.
  • Thomsen pumps: Similarly to the Schwing pump, two cylinders are used with internal pistons. The difference is that a flapper valve (a type of check valve) is used.
  • Squeeze-crete pumps: A rotating cylinder is used to squeeze the concrete through.

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