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How this devicecan I couple two shafts along the same axis so that they rotate together, but only one shaft is calledallowed to drive the rotation?

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How this device is called?

This question is going to have an application in aviation (to avoid doubts and relocation to other forum) but let's concentrate on theoretical mechanics here.

If I want to allow a shaft to rotate in one direction and not the other, then a ratchet would be a solution.

But what I need is a base/platform with shaft M (master) and shaft S (slave) connected to each other the way that if I rotate shaft M (both clockwise or counter-clockwise) the shaft S will rotate with the same speed and direction. But if I try to rotate shaft S in any direction it should not be possible the same way as if I tried to rotate a ratchet in blocked direction.

What is the name of a device I described?

Shaft M --> ===[Device in]=== <-- Shaft S
_______________[question ]________ <-- platform