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How to determine reinforcement design strip widths and locations

When designing reinforced concrete slabs it is common to divide the slab into 'design strips', which are then used to rationalise the reinforcement design along (typically orthogonal) lengths of the ...

concrete reinforcement  
user avatar asked by thomasmichaelwallace Score of 5
user avatar answered by hazzey Score of 5

Strength vs. Hardness vs. Toughness

for this question: "What is the difference between strength, hardness and toughness in materials?" i have searched and have found these following definitions Strength refers to resistance to ...

user avatar asked by Danh Dang Score of 3
user avatar answered by CableStay Score of 6

Why is kVA not the same as kW?

I thought my electric car charging unit uses 6.6 kW of power. However, I found the label and it actually says 6.6 kVA. When I saw this I thought something along the lines of... Well, $ P=...

user avatar asked by jhabbott Score of 58
user avatar answered by Chris Mueller Score of 66

What is the difference between the Polar Moment of Inertia, $ I_P $ and the torsional constant, $ J_T $ of a cross section?

This question is so fundamentally basic that I am almost embarrassed to ask but it came up at work the other day and and nearly no one in the office could give me a good answer. I was calculating the ...

mechanical-engineering structural-engineering applied-mechanics stresses  
user avatar asked by William S. Godfrey- S.E. Score of 12
user avatar answered by atom44 Score of 11

Why does the stress-strain curve decrease?

This is a stress-strain diagram I have noticed that the curve decreases between points C & D and between E & F. Why does that happen? I expected the curve to always increase since the ...

mechanical-engineering materials civil-engineering industrial-engineering strength  
user avatar asked by Eman.suradi Score of 10
user avatar answered by Wasabi Score of 12

How to calculate the velocity of gas in a pipe?

I was wondering how I can calculate the velocity of gas through a pipe. The gas, assuming ideal behavior, in a pipe (cylinder) of volume of 222.4 L has a pressure of 1.95 atmospheres and a density of ...

fluid-mechanics pressure gas  
user avatar asked by user510 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Adri Jamil Score of 1

How much weight can an aluminum tube beam support?

I'm building a set of monkey bars for my kids and want to use aluminum tubing (6061 T6) for the rungs. The tubes will be 3 feet long and 1 inch outside diameter. Supported on both ends with a circular ...

beam statics aluminum  
user avatar asked by Egor Score of 4
user avatar answered by kamran Score of 6
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