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Top new questions this week:

Why is oil used as the lubricant in power generators, while water is the most available, cheapest and accessible lubricant?

The lower viscosity of water reduces friction. Besides, the water can transfer heat way better than oils. So why not use water as a lubricant in wind or hydro turbines, especially on equipment which ...

mechanical-engineering water-resources lubrication  
asked by Sam B 13 votes
answered by Sam Farjamirad 57 votes

Has the kangaroo's jumping ever been copied in human engineering?

The kangaroo has incredible jumping abiltiies. Its Gastrocnemius muscle is a major part of generating its jumping force. Has any engineer based a design, probably a vehicle, upon the kangaroo's ...

asked by Snack_Food_Termite 4 votes
answered by kamran 1 vote

Recovering mechanical energy from natural gas water boiler

Is there any heat energy lost to the mechanical force of pushing a piston in a combustion engine? In other words, would a natural gas burning as a flame produce more heat than the same amount of ...

thermodynamics combustion  
asked by James Cockayne 3 votes
answered by Solar Mike 2 votes

Why rectangular windows are so common?

Most of the windows in our rooms are mostly rectangular.Why don't we chose any other shape like circle,triangle or a trapezium.Does it affects airflow through room? Is the reason is that they look ...

asked by Shreyansh 3 votes
answered by kamran 2 votes

Problem with performances of a control scheme

I am trying to prove with Matlab that if I have an improper system and I place poles at higher and higher frequencies the performances of the system improves. In particular I am considering the ...

electrical-engineering control-engineering control-theory matlab  
asked by J.D. 2 votes
answered by fibonatic 3 votes

Why is the left-side view called like that?

The top view looks at the top of the objet from the top of the object, the front view looks at the front of the objet from the front of the object. All seems logical. So why does the left-side view ...

asked by Jonas Daverio 1 vote
answered by Jonathan R Swift 1 vote

2nd Moment of Area of a ring

This is my first question here. I am having trouble finding the 2nd moment of area of a ring with a thickness 't' and radius 'r'. I seem to be a factor of 2 out. What I do is I consider an area like ...

materials applied-mechanics structures moments  
asked by Matt 1 vote
answered by Sam Farjamirad 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Steel Structure connection pin or fixed

For the connection above, I think that once the beam is loaded, their is no room for rotation of the beam. But as per British Standard this is a pinned connection. So I have been trying to ...

steel structures  
asked by Stephen Jacob 3 votes
answered by cent 5 votes

From an engineering point of view what are the downsides of a too accurate model?

I was wondering, from an engineering point of view, for what reasons can too much accuracy in modeling be detrimental? From a scientific point of view it seems like it's almost always a benefit, ...

modeling systems-engineering  
asked by TheGuest 24 votes
answered by Scott 37 votes

Understanding required torque for a motor lifting a weight

This is a continuation of me trying to understand torque and stepper motors in my other question. I'm trying to understand the torque a motor would be required to generate to lift a small weight, and ...

mechanical-engineering motors torque stepper-motor  
asked by confused 16 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 18 votes

Relation between burgers vector and direction of motion for dislocations?

I am bit confused. The slip direction is the direction of movement of a dislocation which is denoted by the burgers vector. This makes sense in an edge dislocation, because the stress is applied ...

asked by strateeg32 2 votes
answered by wwarriner 2 votes

How to define Knurl on drawing?

I made this kind of knurl on shaft : but I am not sure how to be define on the drawing. I found some examples but not sure if they are correct. On the examples there type (GV) and depth of knurl ...

mechanical-engineering modeling machining  
asked by Stenly 5 votes
answered by Ethan48 3 votes

Steel vs Bamboo strength types/ weight and in various directions & orientations? Specific, Tensile, Compressive, Shear, Lateral etc?

Why bamboo is the ‘green steel’ of 21st-century Asian architecture Bamboo fibre is stronger and cheaper than steel, says Dirk Hebel Carbon Fiber Vs Steel Vs Aluminum Vs Bamboo Pros and Cons Is bamboo ...

materials steel wood  
asked by Alex S 5 votes

How does width and thickness affect the stiffness of steel plate?

I have a 2 mm thick steel plate which is 300 mm long and 30 mm wide, supported at either end. It supports a weight-bearing wheel that can roll along the plate. It currently supports the maximum weight ...

mechanical-engineering steel stiffness  
asked by jhabbott 18 votes
answered by William S. Godfrey- S.E. 15 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Solidworks static simulation having issues

I've got everything set. Material is aluminum alloy 6061. I've set the component contacts to no penetration. I have a contact set where both blocks meet and keep getting the same error. The bottom ...

mechanical-engineering statics cad solidworks autocad  
asked by xXxHussarxXx 1 vote

Pressing shaft into bore or bearing?

Curious as to what extent a shaft/pin will will follow a bore when being pressed in. Considering fixturing for a project to hold a shaft straight, but most of what I have seen, the shaft will self ...

asked by cjenkins08 1 vote
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