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Top new questions this week:

Find height of cone point in blueprint

In this blueprint I was not able to find where the height of the point of the cone angle should be. Here's the original blueprints:

metallurgy technical-drawing drawings  
user avatar asked by user5507535 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Jonathan R Swift Score of 0

Inverted pendulum PID: controller causes cart to move at constant velocity?

I am trying to understand the PID controller of an inverted pendulum on cart system through this MATLAB article:

mechanical-engineering control-engineering dynamics pid-control  
user avatar asked by Rena W Score of 1

Where in a fluidic fitting does the seal form?

Kind of a basic question but I'm confused on where the seal is formed in a fluidic fitting (diagram below, source: Idex). I know as the nut is screwed in, the end of the ferrule contacts the receiving ...

user avatar asked by Vivek Score of 1
user avatar answered by RC_23 Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between grout and mortar?

As I know so far, mortar and grout are mixtures of cement paste and fine aggregates, but both of them play different roles in the construction site. Is it true that grout has more strength compared to ...

materials civil-engineering  
user avatar asked by Wendy lly Score of 2
user avatar answered by Lucas Franceschi Score of 4

What are the units used in beam bending equations? Do they matter?

I was just wondering whether or not the standard beam bending equations worked for all units. E.g. imperial and metric etc. From what I'm guessing it shouldn't really, since once we plug everything in ...

statics beam bending  
user avatar asked by TwoWaySpeedOfLight Score of 3

Effective ways to drive a single shaft with multiple motors?

To head off the "why not use a bigger motor" question, I'm a high school mentor for an FTC (First Tech Challenge) robotics team, with a bit of a soft mechanical / hardware background. They're ...

mechanical-engineering gears robotics motors  
user avatar asked by trycatch Score of 18
user avatar answered by Chris Mueller Score of 22

Why do glass windows still exist? (Why haven't they been replaced by plastics?)

Glass is fragile and impractical to transport, install and repair. Even worse, glass kills and hurts people when it breaks. Falling to the streets like guillotines during earthquakes and bomb raids. ...

materials chemical-engineering plastic safety  
user avatar asked by LocalFluff Score of 86
user avatar answered by Chris Johns Score of 115

How to reverse the direction of rotational movement on the same axis?

I want to make a "gearbox" that will transform input rotational movement to an output rotational movement with the same speed but in the different direction (clockwise / counterclockwise) on the same ...

mechanical-engineering gears  
user avatar asked by SIMEL Score of 5
user avatar answered by SF. Score of 8

How can I measure the brightness of a LED?

I would like be able to measure LED brightness using a cost effective instrument. What are the available instruments to measure LED brightness and respective cost effective techniques? Background: I'...

electrical-engineering optics  
user avatar asked by Mahendra Gunawardena Score of 3
user avatar answered by Chris Mueller Score of 7

why are foundations designed at SLS

Why do we design foundations at SLS and not ULS? If we use ULS wouldn't we be taking a higher factor of safety? SLS = Serviceability limit state. It considers how the structure is actually expected ...

civil-engineering foundations  
user avatar asked by Mohammad Score of 3
user avatar answered by Wasabi Score of 6
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