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Top new questions this week:

Finding the name of: Mechanical toggle actuator utilizing single direction of force (pull only/push only)

Preface: I have no formal experience in design or mechanical engineering. I am simply a backyard mechanic looking to see if a particular assembly exists as an off-the-shelf product before designing ...

asked by ehammer Score of 1
answered by fred_dot_u Score of 0

converting air flow rate between l/min to kg/s

I am calculating the air mass flow rate in kg/s for air in a numerical model, and i want to compare the results with an experimental investigation, the flowmeter unit is l/min. how can I convert l/min ...

asked by hussein khalaf Score of 1
answered by Solar Mike Score of 3

Influence line question for calculating maximum bending moment

I have the following question: I have no trouble drawing the influence line but I have problems with finding the magnitude. Can someone please explain how to get $\frac{8}{3}$? How should I use the ...

structural-engineering structural-analysis  
asked by CountDOOKU Score of 1
answered by r13 Score of 0

Replicate loft-based object to value-driven object

I've made the following oddity in Solidworks: All the dimensions are known except for the top part. This is probably because this was done using the Lofted Boss/Base feature. The Loft profile goes (...

mechanical-engineering solidworks cad technical-drawing drafting  
asked by Mast Score of 1

Calculating torque in planetary gearbox

It's my understanding that in a planetary gearbox, force moves through the system via four mechanisms: the ring gear, the planet gears, the planetary carrier, and the sun gear. I'm trying to ...

mechanical-engineering gears applied-mechanics torque force-measurement  
asked by Bez_almighty Score of 1
answered by EMiller Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Relation between burgers vector and direction of motion for dislocations?

I am bit confused. The slip direction is the direction of movement of a dislocation which is denoted by the burgers vector. This makes sense in an edge dislocation, because the stress is applied ...

asked by strateeg32 Score of 3
answered by wwarriner Score of 2

Inverter + Direct drive vs. Belt drive motor in washing machines?

What should I choose from today. I am looking at washing machines, and I see that LG has this Inverter Direct Drive (6 motion cleaning) technology in their machines, I see that its not like a year ...

mechanical-engineering electrical-engineering motors  
asked by appwizcpl Score of 2
answered by Sam Farjamirad Score of 4

How to determine the characteristic length in reynolds number calculations in general?

I understand that the reynolds number is given by the expression $Re=\frac{\rho v L}{\mu}$, where $\rho$ is the density, $v$ is the fluid velocity and $\mu$ is the dynamic viscosity. For any given ...

asked by Paul Score of 12
answered by nluigi Score of 7

How does width and thickness affect the stiffness of steel plate?

I have a 2 mm thick steel plate which is 300 mm long and 30 mm wide, supported at either end. It supports a weight-bearing wheel that can roll along the plate. It currently supports the maximum weight ...

mechanical-engineering steel stiffness  
asked by jhabbott Score of 20
answered by William S. Godfrey- S.E. Score of 15

Why are train brakes so complicated?

The concept is simple enough: no pressure in the train line has the brakes locked, full pressure is loose, and partial pressure drags accordingly. So if pressure is lost for any reason, the train ...

control-engineering safety compressed-air rail pneumatic  
asked by AaronD Score of 17
answered by NMech Score of 10

Why don't motorcycles have as good a turning radius as bicycles?

The question is about why are motorcycles not manufactured with handlebars that can turn to great degrees like a bicycle. In most motorcycles, you hardly have a steering angle of about 20-30 degrees, ...

design bicycles  
asked by Siddh Aarth Score of 10
answered by Chris H Score of 9

What makes the material travel through Archimedes' Screw?

...or in other words, why doesn't the material just stick to the screw, rotating in place, without progressing along its length? In the simplest case, the answer is obvious: gravity. If it's a ...

asked by SF. Score of 13
answered by mart Score of 10
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